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It’s tulip time!!   A big bouquet of tulips always makes me feel that Spring is here or just around the corner!

Whether you buy flowers at your local grocery store or a from a florist, here are three tips for making tulips last: first, unlike with most flowers, use a small amount of water in the vase.  Otherwise, the tulips continue to grow and they’ll bend over and break.  Second, don’t change the water and recut the stems- that will make them droop.  And third, put a splash of bleach in the water to keep the water clear and you’ll enjoy your beautiful tulips for an entire week!

2013 Tulips

Hope you’re starting to see signs of Spring wherever you are, too! 

Love Was In The Air!

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Love Was In The Air!


We celebrated a wonderful Valentine’s Day this weekend with new guests, repeat guests, referred guests and a very special couple that got engaged while staying with us! 

Rodney and Rebekah, from South Carolina, got engaged on Saturday morning and they were very happy as they cuddled on the couch of the Family Room! Congratulations . . . we wish you a wonderful life together!

Other guests celebrated at several fantastic Asheville restaurants like Limones, Avenue M, Strada, Mela and Plant.  When our guests returned from enjoying their evenings, we surprised them with some delicious chocolate truffles from Chocolate Fetish in their guest rooms.

Love was definitely in the air and everyone was smiling!

The Crooked Oak Tree Lives On!

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The Crooked Oak Tree Lives On!

Wooden bowls
A little over a year ago, Paul & Sharon Cush from Chapel Hill, NC brought home two pieces of the “crooked oak” that were still lying in the woods. (more…)

An Italian Feast!!!

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An Italian Feast!!!

Today, our good friends, Jason and Kristin Linde, prepared a delicious Italian meal for us!  Everyday we cook for our guests, so it is such a treat to turn our kitchen over to friends who won’t let us do anything but smell the wonderful fragrances filling the inn.  A beautiful salad, homemade lasagna, meatballs, garlic bread, red wine and key lime pie completed the menu.  We could get use to this!  Everything was absolutely scrumptious.  Thank you Jason and Kristin!!! (more…)

A Spiritual Retreat

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A Spiritual Retreat

Written by guest Trudy Holden, Apollo Beach, FL

It matters not what walk of life we’re on, what earthly journey we pursue or what drives our faith… there are times when we each seek spiritual awakening to settle ourselves and heighten our awareness of the magnificence that surrounds us daily.

My husband and I experienced just such a divine event at the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn, a wonderful bed and breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina. We discovered this Inn through an Internet search while trying to find accommodations to attend my husband’s 40th high school reunion. While the search identified some fifty B&B’s… I believe a Greater Guide directed us to the Crooked Oak Mountain Inn. (more…)

Real Men & Terry Cloth Robes

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Real Men & Terry Cloth Robes

The following humorous article was written by one of our talented guests (Ben Grabow)…

Be prepared to laugh!

In order to be a real man, every man must challenge himself.

This was my mantra as I finished a three-day backpacking trip in North Carolina’s Pisgah Forest last weekend. The true test of a man, I thought, is how far he is willing to push his physical and mental boundaries. Real men do the things that others will not consider.